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The alcohol business of REMET Corporation, has been vital to REMET’s past success and will continue to be an integral part of REMET for the future. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Remet Corporation, REMET Alcohols, Inc., has been distributing the highest quality Pure Ethyl Alcohol and blending all TTB approved Specially Denatured Alcohol formulations, for the food, flavors, personal care, vinegar, and pharmaceutical industries since 1985.Our extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and dedicated team will exceed all expectations, which allows our REMET team to be known as “Specialist in Service.”

REMET Alcohols, Inc. is dedicated to our customers’ success. Our team will strive to excel in personalized service, providing quality products, building long-term relationships and superior overall customer satisfaction. REMET Alcohols, Inc. has an ongoing commitment to maintain high standard and ethics making us your partner of choice in the Ethanol Industry.



REMET Alcohols Partners with Greenfield Global

REMET Alcohols has joined forces with Greenfield Global Inc, the leading producer, manufacturer and distributor of high-purity and specialty alcohols, solvents, and custom solutions.

This exclusive agreement strengthens REMET Alcohols position as a leading provider of high-quality Pure Ethyl Alcohol and blending Specially Denatured Alcohol formulations.

This agreement will not change the way that we work with our existing customers, and we will continue to provide the same outstanding personalized service to you.

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