To every 100 gallons of ethyl alcohol, U.S.P. add: Ten pounds of any one, or a total of 10 pounds of two or more, of the oils and substances listed below.


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The properties and specifications of SDA 38-B and SDA 38-F are as diverse as are the denaturant combinations, only a limited set of properties and specifications can be listed. REMET will assist our customers interested in using SDA 38-B and SDA 38-F in the development of specifications. A list of authorized denaturants are listed below.


Anethole, N.F. Coal Tar, U.S.P. Pine Needle Oil, dwarf, N.F
Anise Oil, N.F Eucalyptol, N.F. XII Rosemary Oil, N.F. XII
Bay Oil, (Myrcia Oil), N.F. XI. Eucalyptus Oil, N.F. Safrole
Benzaldehyde, N.F. Eugenol, U.S.P. Sassafras Oil, N.F. XI.
Bergamot Oil, N.F. X. Guaiacol, N.F. X. Spearmint Oil, N.F.
Bitter Almond Oil, N.F. X. Lavender Oil, N.F. Spearmint Oil, terpeneless
Camphor, U.S.P. Menthol, U.S.P. Spike Lavendar Oil, Natural
Cedar Leaf Oil, N.F. XIII. Methyl Salicylate, N.F. Storax, U.S.P.
Chlorothymol, N.F. XII. Mustard Oil, volatile, U.S.P. XII Thyme Oil, N.F. XII.
Cinnamic Aldehyde, N.F. IX Peppermint Oil, N.F. Thymol, N.F.
Cinnamon Oil, N.F. Phenol, U.S.P. Tolu Balsam, U.S.P.
Citronella Oil, natural Phenyl Salicylate (salol), N.F. Turpentine Oil, N.F. XI
Clove Oil, N.F. Pine Oil, N.F. XII.

(Bold lettering denotes denaturants in REMET stock at all times)